Pepilet Dog Cat Slow Feeder Tumbler Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys Healthy Feeding Snack Dispensing Toys Adjustable Strange Cry Tumbler (Green) Price: $8.98 (as of 12/05/2023 08:09 PST- Details)

🐶【Reduces Boredom, Anxiety& Destructive Behavior】The dog food ball keeps your dog or cat mentally stimulated and physically active while they play. Physical activity from playacts as a workout, keeping your dog or cat physically fit,while maintaining the alertness of pet bodies, and satisfying their hunting instinct.
🐶【Slower Healthier Feeding】The slow feeder encourage slower active eating. This interactive dog toy will help to reduce bloating and improve digestion.
🐶【Increase Pet’s IQ】 Your furry friend gets smarter as they play with this IQ treat dispenser ball as they learn how to roll the toy to get treats to fall out. Adjust the difficulty level of food leakage by using the dog snack toy’s leak button.

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